Heartfieldhk is a personal blog about my mind and ideas on topics below…

Stock Investment &

Sharing of information, knowledge, skills and ideas about stock trading, including stock screening, entry position setup, risk management behavioural biases regulation

Applied Buddhism &

Discussion on Buddhist sutras, doctrines, and the application of the Buddha’s ancient wisdom in contemporary society, like the cultivation of compassion and greed management

Blockchain Innovation &

Covering latest news and updates in blockchain innovation and technology, such as the development of new protocols, crypto tokens and regulatory change like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) ETF approvals


Anything else that I find worthy to write and share.

BUddhism & application

Listen, Think and Meditate

Buddhism History, Doctrines and Sutra

Early & Mahayana Buddhism

  • Four Noble Truths
  • Five Aggregates
  • Three Turning of the Wheel of Dharma
  • Six Perfections

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Applied Buddhism Practice

Buddhist Psychology & Application

  • Cultivation of Non-greed
  • Six Perfections and Trading Behaviours
  • Compassionate Presence and Togetherness

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