(2) What is OKLO? | How does its IPO perform?

Oklo rang the opening bell at the NYSE (Credit: Oklo Twitter)

“With exceptionally low redemptions, >$300M in capitalisation, and dedicated founders and key investors locked up for up to 3 years, we can’t wait for what’s next on our mission to provide clean, reliable, affordable power!” Oklo posted in its X (former Twitter) page.

Oklo has been listed and trading under the ticker $OKLO via its merger with the special vehicle AltC Acquisition Corp in NYSE earlier in May 2024, while its stock price slumped hard by more than 50% in the first day. The brutal downturn should have triggered lots of disappointment from its shareholders and long term holders of the former ALCC. Some shareholders and market players even argued this is a scam or shell company as there is so far no actual earning or business doing, as Oklo has not yet deployed its SMRs to any of its partners signing the recent agreements or memorandums.

In its latest update in X (or Twitter), Oklo posted the the team ringing the opening bell at the NYSE exchange on 24th May 2024, which seemingly symbolised a opening of new page of the company’s vision and mission in the nuclear energy industry.

The company suggested in its X post that there is so far low in redemptions as the key founders and investors’ positions would be locked for up to 3 years. This should have eliminated part of the market’s concern over insiders selling over the past few days of vigours sell off. With more than $300 million in capitalisation, the company looks forward to work on their mission to provide clean, reliable yet economical nuclear power to its clients and the world, via its development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

Net Worth Projection of the SMRs market by 2032 (Credit: Precedence Research)

According to a research released by Precedence Research, the net worth of the SMRs industry is expected to grow to more than $8 billion by 2032. Asia Pacific region is expected to expand at the faster compound annual growth rate (CARG) from 2023 to 2032.

Based on the snapshot at 2022, heavy water reactors have dominated the industry by Reactor Type, while the application is mostly on power generation segment.

Is Oklo the next unicorn in the market? How shall we interpret its IPO performance? What should we do if we would like to take a part? We will take about the stock performance of OKLO, entry setup and risk management.

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