Trading Record: 4-Jun-2024 OKLO Entry @ $9.9


As discussed in an other (testing) article earlier, Oklo Inc. is a company based in Santa Clara, California, that is working on advanced fission power plants. Their goal is to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy using next-generation fast reactor technology based on their development and deployment SMRs.

Oklo wrote in their X (Twitter) page: “This week, the @WhiteHouse issued a fact sheet detailing recent actions taken to support the growth of both existing and new nuclear energy. Oklo is proud of our long-standing and many partnerships with the @GovNuclear including fabricating fuel and having a site use permit for our first plant, and on fuel recycling.”

What is the Fact Sheet by the White House about?

Nuclear power has long been a significant contributor to clean energy in the United States, accounting for 19% of total energy production last year. The industry provides jobs for nearly 60,000 workers and supports hundreds of thousands more.

As the U.S. energy system undergoes transformative changes, the Biden-Harris Administration aims to achieve a carbon-free electricity sector by 2035 while ensuring affordable, reliable power for consumers.

Alongside wind and solar, new nuclear reactor designs are gaining attention for their ability to produce clean energy. The Administration’s efforts include reducing reliance on Russian uranium, extending the service lives of existing reactors, and promoting new deployments. Decarbonizing the power system remains a critical challenge, requiring expertise and innovation .

To be continued…

Setup Summary

DateTickerActionReferenceReference PriceJustificationPositionPriceSizeStop LossRisk ToleranceRisk Exposure%Risk Exposure$
4/6/2024OKLOEntrySpeculationn/aSpeculation10009.99,9009Around 10%-9.09%-$900.00

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