(2) A Full Comparison between Converse Models: Chuck 70 vs All Star vs Made in Japan models – Top View

(Credit: Hypebeast)

After the overview of the last post below, you should have grabbed a sense that there are really plenty of versions, or actually options, of Converse sneakers that you could choose from , which vary by their design to price, and materials to their origins.

Now, let’s move on check out the details in terms of their designs and outlooks, which diverse Converse models from scratch literally. If you are a fan of Converse or now looking for a pair of Converse, you might just go through the sequential posts or even just the pictures and the comparison summary at the end of each, so you could assess which models fit your requirements and taste the best. Below let’s check out the top view.

First of All, for the avoidance of doubt and surely confusion as usual when anyone of us are drilling down into Converse models, please allow me to list out again the models and the terminology that we would use throughout the painful journey:

  1. All Star (The most common Classic Chuck) entry level model)
  2. Chuck 70 (The enhanced design, better rubber and black label model)
  3. Japan Model (The best quality made in Japan model)
  4. Japan Model 80s (The new model made in Japan released in 2024)
  5. All Star R (The newly designed React model known for its insole)
  6. All Star US (US originator model with better quality than normal All Star)

Let’s move on to check out their top view:

  1. All Star (Classic Truck)

2. Chuck 70s

3. Japan Model

4. Japan Model 80s

5. All Star R

6. All Star US


All StarVery elementary model with imbalanced rubber head cover1/5
Chuck 70Better structured and layout with enhanced rubber and wide body3.5/5
Japan ModelPacked up and balanced looking while rounded4/5
Japan Model 80sSimilar to the normal MIJ model while ever more rounded4/5
All Star RLong and round rubber head cover with wide body2/5
All Star USShort and round rubber head cover with tight body3/5

In the next post, we will have look into the side view or the “cross sectional area” of the Converse models above, which literally shapes the characteristics of them:

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