(1) A Full Comparison between Converse Models: Chuck 70 vs All Star vs Made in Japan models

(Credit: Converse Japan)

Are you a fan of Converse?

If you are, you might have encountered certain confusion while buying one regarding which models to purchase and what the differences are between Converse models, which involves much variation ranging from their designs to materials used, and logos to even subtle differences in the naming. If you are not, even more probably.

Instead of searching around in Converse’s official websites around the world, in which they could adopt different naming terminology on the same sneaker version and also cover a limited scope of models, maybe you could read the brief summary below to grab a sense out of it before deciding which your best choice is. So, I hope this post would help you and I when buying, or regularly repurchasing, a new pair of Converse sneakers.

How many Converse models are there?

A short answer is that there are many versions of Converse models, while regardless of Converse’s historical development and vintage versions, limited editions or special designs, they might be classified into 3 types below:

  1. Classic Chuck (a.k.a. All Star)
  2. Chuck 70 (a.k.a. Chuck Taylor, Chuck 70, 70s)
  3. Japan Models (Made in Japan, U.S. Originator etc.)

Type 1: Classic Chuck All Star – The Basic Model

Converse Classic Chuck All Star

The first type refers to the most historical and original design of Converse sneaker – the Classic Chuck, which is the most affordable and basic version of all. Converse even named it as the “MAINSTAY”, which remarks its origin and symbolisation of the brand’s iconic and long history in its creation in 1917.

Type 2: Chuck 70 – The Vintage model

Converse Chuck 70

The next model comes the Chuck 70, also called 70s or Chuck Taylor, which is remarked by its black label and its use of rubber in creamy butter colour. The Chuck 70 could be regarded as an improved design over the Classic Chuck with more vintage taste and elements, like an egret midsole, ornate stitching, and a taller rubber sidewall, which also make model come with a higher price.

Type 3: Japan Model – The Japanese Craftsmanship Models

Converse All Star Made in Japan
Converse All Star 80s Made in Japan (Only available in navy blue and green)

Last but not least, here it comes the best Converse edition known in terms of their production quality and materials used in the Japan versions. Firstly, although we are taking about Japan models, while not all of them are made in Japan. Currently, there are only two versions as I know are made in Japan – one is the version in the picture above, another is the brand new All Star J 80s versions launched in February 2024.

Apart from that, for example, there are two other Japan versions – the All Star US (U.S. Originator) and the All Star Ⓡ version, which are both made in Indonesia currently.

Converse All Star US (U.S. Originator)
Converse All Star Ⓡ

Link Summary (Not an advertisement but I would be glad if Converse contact me for one):

Classic Chuck: https://converse.co.jp/collections/shoes/products/32060181

Chuck 70: https://www.converse.com/uk/en/shop/p/chuck-70-vintage-canvas-unisex-high-top-shoe/162050C.html?dwvar_162050C_color=black%2Fblack%2Fegret&styleNo=162050C&cgid=Men%20Chuck%2070

Japan Model – All Star (Made in Japan): https://converse.co.jp/products/32067961?_pos=3&_sid=715c78ca1&_ss=r

Japan Model – All Star 80s (Made in Japan): https://converse.co.jp/products/31311101

Japan Model – All Star Ⓡ: https://converse.co.jp/products/31310680?_pos=28&_sid=20b9f9077&_ss=r

Japan Model (U.S. Originator): https://converse.co.jp/products/31308191?_pos=18&_sid=cf1795aa7&_ss=r

In the next post, we will try to compare and summarise all the models above, in terms of their design, material and price.

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