(3) A Full Comparison between Converse Models: Chuck 70 vs All Star vs Made in Japan models – Side View

(Credit: flisco by Tiger’s Brothers)

After the previous posts acted as a brief summary of Converse models and comparison of their view below, let’s move on to check out the side view, or the cross-sectional view of the sneakers, which are often the soul of a pair of shoes.

The side view and the design constructs how the pair of shoes present its characteristics, as the side view shows the design, lining, platform, cutting and anything that make a shoe more than just a shoe but a representation of your taste and style.

So, how do different Converse models vary in terms of their side view?

  1. All Star (Classic Truck)

2. Chuck 70s

3. Japan Model

4. Japan Model 80s

5. All Star R

6. All Star US


All StarVery thin, curved and clean looking2.5/5
Chuck 70Good platform and complexed design4/5
Japan ModelGood platform and clean looking3/5
Japan Model 80sFlat platform with slightly more design than the original Japan model3.5/5
All Star RThick platform with a little bulky looking2/5
All Star USDifferent ratio with longer and flat first half3/5

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