(4) A Full Comparison between Converse Models: Chuck 70 vs All Star vs Made in Japan models – Converse Made in Japan Difference

(Credit: Kickslab)

After walking through the overlook briefly of difference Converse models in previous posts below, let’s check out the variation regarding their details. One common question or concern over the sneakers is often about whether a pair of Converse made in Japan is better off? How is its quality compared with normal All Star that makes it worths the higher price?

Converse Made in Japan Comparison (Credit: Nakuten)

Referring to a source from the most popular online shopping website – Nakuten, in which you could find a variety of Converse models including the MIJ (Made in Japan) ones, Converse made in Japan differ from their counterparts by a few main criteria below:

  1. Silhouette (シルエット)

The shape or silhouette of Converse Made in Japan (a.k.a. the J model) is designed for Japanese feet shape, which is relatively more wide. This feet shape is common among Asians of which their feet are normally wider compared with people from western countries. With such design, Converse made in Japan could provide a more comfortable wearing as the pressure from sides reduce.

2. Made in Japan Trademark (日本製表示)

For all Converse made in Japan, there are trademarks or logos indicating the models are made in Japan, including its insole and the All Star tag at the back. The trademark does not merely shows off its origin, difference in designs or materials used, and a higher quality compared to other Converse models, a MIJ (Made in Japan) trademark often represents the adorable and craftsmanship spirit under any Japanese manufactured items.

3. Shoe Holes (シューホール)

Converse made in Japan are equipped with special shoe holes, which are covered by silvery and polished metal that provides a MIJ model a more stunning outlook compared to its counterparts.

4. Shoe Laces (シューレース)

Shoe laces of Converse made in Japan, logically, are made of cotton made of Japan as well, which is known for its strength and long lasting quality.

5. Lining (ライン)

Another detail regarding a Converse made in Japan model is regarding its lining, including the black lining in the head cover connecting the upper rubber and the lower one. The lining is also found in most All Star models, however for Converse made in Japan, it is not difficult to observe that the lining is done with a better and clearer finishing.

6. Conclusion

To conclude briefly, Converse made in Japan is normally known for a better quality offering over other All Star models made in Indonesia and Vietnam usually. With a little higher price, the author believes that a pair of Converse made in Japan does worth the premium comparatively. However, the bottomline is that, as mentioned above, the shape and design of that aims for Asians’ feet, which is slightly wider than usual.

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